London Landlord Atia Lokhat-Hafezjee describes her elation at welcoming Syrian family to her property

Atia Lokhat-Hafezjee, teacher, writer and landlord, was inspired by her time spent with refugees in the Calais Refugee camps last summer to do more to help.  She has done just that by using her family letting business to rent homes to Syrian refugees in London, through the Government Vulnerable People’s Resettlement Scheme.  

In her heart-warming article, she describes her recent resettlement experience.  The first VPRS Syrian Refugee family to arrive in Haringey.

Atia takes us through the process of VPRS step by step, from the moment she offered her property to the day she meets her new Syrian tenants at the airport.    

A “must read” for any landlord who is considering renting to a Syrian Refugee family to save lives.

Atia gives hope during these horrific times in England, she states: 

In the midst of recent catastrophic events in England, where there has been loss of lives, homes and dreams overnight, we are reminded that we are all vulnerable, anyone’s lives can be dismantled overnight, as it has for many civilians during the ongoing war in Syria.   However, it is at these most disheartening times, we need to stop and reflect on how it is ‘storms which give birth to, love, kindness, compassion and hope’.  When we look around us, it is uplifting see how our shared pain and suffering has united us and brought us closer together as a community.”

Atia’s experiences growing up as a child immigrant, who left a life of poverty in India, to live in a foreign country in search for a better future, motivated her to use VPRS to return the same kindness and generosity she and her family received from strangers and gave them hope.

Read Atia’s heart-warming story 

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