May 1, 2017


How to make a donation

– Please click here: donation page is held and managed by our partner Migrants Organise, but all donations, personalised as shown below, will be used exclusively by the Hammersmith and Fulham Refugees Welcome group.

– Click on the ‘Donate now’ pink button on the right hand side of the page, which looks like this:

– Super important: Fill in each section of the form, and in the third section down, where it says ‘Personalise your donation’, please write ‘Hammersmith & Fulham Refugees Welcome Group’ – so that your donation can go towards our group’s work. Here is what it looks like:

– Enter your card details on the next page and click on ‘pay now’

– Any problems, please email.

About the project and how your donations support it

Donating to the Hammersmith & Fulham Refugees Welcome Group is an opportunity to give a fresh new start to a Syrian family. The refugees that we are resettling into the community are the most vulnerable among those currently stuck in overcrowded camps in the Middle East. In 2016 the UNHCR estimated that as many as 1 in 10 refugees in the camps are vulnerable and in need of resettlement. With your support, we can bring vulnerable people and families over to the UK under the UK government’s vulnerable person resettlement scheme (VPRS), integrating the Syrian families into our community and supporting them to rebuild their lives in the UK.

With each family’s arrival, we ask the community to help us source specific items, such as home furnishings, bed linen and clothes. We also use websites such as freecycle. Where we are not able to source for free, we depend on donations to allow us to buy missing items.

Donated funds can be used for all or any of the following:

  • rental top-up payment
  • essential homeware items for newly arrived Syrian families; such as a kettle, cooking utensils and bed linen
  • any other essential items needed by a family that we are unable to find for free
  • public transport travel costs for newly-arrived Syrian families
  • further English language classes if needed
  • community integration: costs for activities and events to help families integrate
  • printing of flyers and other materials to generate more support and donations
  • Promotional film production and website
  • Transport costs of donated furniture
  • Storage of donated items


Thank you for supporting refugees and helping them rebuild their lives in our community.