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We have recently launched our donation page on LocalGiving, which gives the options of one off or regular donations. If volunteering isn’t for you, but you would still like to help refugees, this is a great way to help. Any amount, however small it might be still helps our refugee families. For example, £5 can help with essential toiletries for refugees. Larger donations can provide essential food for a newly arrived family.

Study and Training Fund

This month we are also launching an appeal where you can directly help refugees. We are particularly seeking donations for our Study and Training Fund, administered in partnership with the locally based West London Welcome Drop-in Centre for refugees and migrants. West London Welcome encounters asylum seekers who cannot afford English lessons or a vocational course, while HF Refugees Welcome identifies refugees with training needs. 

You can help by contributing to a refugee’s education. Often refugees need a UK accreditation before they can take up paid work. Studying a vocational course and acquiring a qualification is often the only path to employment in their chosen field. The father of one of our families, for example, is hard of hearing and struggles in English classes. We have identified a bricklaying course that can bring him back into his previous profession. The Centre’s Advisory panel will make decisions on granting awards for English and vocational courses on the basis of needs and suitability.

Become a Fundraiser

The Localgiving page also gives the option to become a fundraiser for us. If you run a marathon, go on a digital detox or do anything else, why not do it as a fundraiser for us. If you have any questions regarding donations or how to become a fundraiser, please contact us on info@hfrefugeeswelcome.uk.

Please give generously and thank you very much for your continued interest and support.

Best wishes
Hammersmith & Fulham Refugee Welcome Group

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